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  Learning Design with Alias StudioTools
Learning Design with Alias StudioTools is your hands-on guide to modeling and visualization in 3D. Learn to communicate ideas quickly, accurately and efficiently with software tools that set the standard for outstanding design for transportation and consumer products.
Learning Design with Alias StudioTools will teach you to build the most efficient designs quickly and effectively. Learn to master the world's most powerful computer aided design software through easy to follow hands-on exercises. Working with consumer and transportation projects, you'll discover the powerful tools at your disposal and learn how to translate your concepts to the screen. You'll understand the power of working in 3D for rapid ideation and collaboration. Make changes simply and quickly with a click of your mouse.Take your design from the concept stage to the final render, ready for presentation. The book explores eight unique projects based on the designs of Fridolin Beisert, Instructor at the Art Center College of Design and Features a gallery of images by students and faculty.

* Get to know the Alias StudioTools interface
* Model with primitives
* Work with curves
* Learn to trim and fillet
* Learn to create surface edges
* Understand texturing, shading & lighting
* Work with Industrial & Transportation Design Projects
* Explore animation with your Designs
* Troubleshoot y our work
* Build a mobile phone, car, tires, rims, & more...

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